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Folks know that guns are for killing humans

Do homicides include suicides? Do they include legal defensive shootings? Or do they only include intentional gun killings? I think most gun owners know what their guns are intentionally made to do and have come to understand when and why they would use them. I wonder if any of this would dissuade people who never thought guns were for hunting or shooting sports in the first place. That's why solid studies like this don't catch: "of course guns are for defending oneself using lethal force, duh." So, people who are in that space only see more gun crime obviously requiring more guns with which to defend themselves. Any mention it defunding police sells more guns. I've been following this since Gabby Giffords was shot. Her shooting sold every single Glock 19 in America. It's a crazy paradox. It's a fighting fire with fire mentality.

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