When a coup isn't, what is it?

Was January 6th an actual coup d'état or was it less high treason and more high theater? Less coup d'état and more coup de grâce against Trump and the Republicans? I would be much more convinced if there were one gun, one bomb, one rocket, one Molotov, or one RPG leading les misérables. Not secreted discovered ones but this coup d'état was less armed than a bank robbery. Who coups unarmed? Republicans just aren't velvet revolutionaries. Also, we're in the most armed county in the world and the coup was committed by the biggest gun ownership demo. It doesn't pass even a cursory smell test. It happened, it was something, but was it a coup d'état? When it comes to a coup, nonlethal weapons and unused weapons and concealed weapons people assume rioters had and weapons (guns and bombs) that cops found later elsewhere are Schrödinger's guns.

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