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Should America open its borders like other countries?

You'll hate my answer: I don't think that a lot of the countries from Mexico on down could make the EU-type union of open-border states' strict requirements. The EU is not an open borders thing. They can be strict and they are often very harsh. Ask Greece! Even the Schengen Area has extremely strict borders and Visas against outsiders. Europe's not open borders, either. The EU can be quite an arse. See how they allow floods of Syrian and Middle Eastern and Western Asian and North African immigrants to die? It's because you're either IN the EU's gated community or you're not. In addition, Not all States are as equal as others. There are garbage EU states that are being handled with extreme toughness as they owe money and are under strict austerity measures. The EU is copying the US... we're a bunch of little countries who have coalesced into a larger corpus, the United States of America. I guarantee opening borders would still result in some countries having boots on their necks and other countries with the boots, just like the World Bank and the IMF plays now. And the UN. I don't know, what do you think? Damned if you do, damned if you don't. At the end of the day, opening the borders with the rest of North and South America will mean that America and Canada and maybe Brazil and Argentine would become bullies with legal dominion over their neighbors in ways they cannot now achieve while everyone is still mostly independent. Blowback—the law of unintended consequences—is a bitch. It always bites the hand that feeds it.

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