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Can you dismantle the master's home with reparations

How can we, as a country, spend enough money to solve institutional and systemic racism, no matter how much money and resources are spent. No matter how many programs. Unless you're talking reparations, of course. In which case, that money can't be nannied. One needs to give the money and allow humans to be humans. Anything else would be the worse kind of paternalism. And if 2% of America's budget will be budgeted to dismantling systemic racism against American Descendants of Slavery (ADOS), but will be spent on programs instead of cash gifts to Black Americans, then how will that look? Institutional, federal, American-wide affirmative action? I mean, I am into it. But it needs to be cradle to grave rather than simply plucking out a few folks. It needs to be comprehensive, maybe, but it can't be all My Fair Lady because ADOS have their own culture and their own way of learning, of living, of family, if life, and "reparations" can just be an assimilation campaign in sheep's clothing. Also, hasn't America spent trillions of dollars on (bad) social and inner-city programs? Like Section 8 housing, etc? That's been happening in one way or another in America since the 60s and 70s and it has not taken people out of poverty as much as it very well should have. Maybe if America's terrible social system could be more focused on ADOS, then that might work better instead of furthering enslaving people, as it does to the poor, currently. So, maybe that would help... until the day it goes before the Supreme Court and is considered Unconstitutional the way it has and had been with regards to affirmative action. It's such an intense complex minefield. Goddess bless!

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