Never video record yourself defending your home with deadly force

There are a lot of 2A lawyers and consultants all over YouTube and the message boards. They give advice on how to explicitly protect oneself against being thrown into jail or sued out of existence. They tell you not to put a camera on your gun or use a bodycam or a CCTV when you're defending your home from a burglar, robber, or home invader. You need to allow your lawyer the latitude and room to spin Castle Doctrine and Stand Your Grown narratives. You can⁠—and should⁠—call 911 and let the 911 operator be on the call during your home defense, but never "1st person shooter" it because then it makes it look too much like a video game or a murder movie or a POV fetish object or even premeditation. Give your lawyer some rope to hang the home invader⁠—and that's not by videotaping it. You need plausible deniability because there are Very Smart People trying (AUSAs) working hard enough to make their name in the Anti-Gun community by using you as an exemplar.

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