Conspiracy theory of COVID testing centers as COVID distribution centers

What if the Novel Coronavirus testing centers were, initially, COVID-19 distribution centers? What if those nasally-invasive, brain-tickling, cotton swabs were inserting SARS-CoV-2 samples deep into the sinus cavities of the sundry men, women, and children who swarmed to check to see if they had been infected by the so-called Wuhan virus? How quickly can the organic distribution of a new virus actually spread? Can the virus spread so completely, naturally, across the 3.797 million square miles that make up the United States, to say nothing of the entire globe—even taking into account that a virus will typically spread exponentially at first? In addition to the natural mixing that happens when one goes out of their way to come into proximity of other people who fear that they may have become sick or exposed to the Coronavirus. It doesn't matter at all whether the answers to these questions are yes or no, it only matters that these questions have been and will be asked. Because, in every movie about bioterrorism, there are always selfless, earnest, and passionate activists who expose themselves to some hemorrhagic fever or other before jumping on commercial airliners, trains, cars, with the goal of being sick and being contagious en route to their highly-populated targets, and then, when in he middle of City Center, going to a concert, theater, mall, or park to spend their time contagiously before their symptoms and sickness overtake them and they succumb to their illness. The story of a bioterrorist or anti-overpopulation extremist or even someone who is committed to realising a so-called New World Order in the form of a one-world global government—globalism—sacrificing their own lives en masse in order to do the hard work to protect the future of humanity as well as the environment and some future human suffering from devastating environmental collapse and in order to prevent The Sixth Extinction has become and has been a trope in its commonness since at least the 70s. A play like that would be too obvious. Certainly by the Chinese or in any form of false-flag, self-inflicted, wound.

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